Globalization in Developing countries:

The primary element for undeveloped countries in globalization process should be consensus and unity of political forces for a dynamic purpose that unified viewpoint should play the first and last role of it. If this enthusiasm be institutionalized in a society, a developed rational feeling for progress in culture, economy, politic, science and … will appear and arise. “To oppose deceiving concepts of globalization like job for everyone, chance for everyone, equity, human rights, individualism, and disappearance of governments for boundary less freedom we should work on culture so that people don’t be deceived with those imperialistic talks.” 1 In other words reasoning and rational thinking should be increased in order to social self-making be in attention in economic, political and cultural areas. In addition to working on culture, providing job opportunities are needed. Business managers not having competency, not having strategy and dynamic economic models and also not having scientific approach in production, distribution and consumption are important obstacle to provide more jobs. All undeveloped countries are facing these problems and so their effort doesn’t lead to a proper outcome. So our main task is outlining disadvantages of globalization for undeveloped countries considering our own country. By the way opposing these deceiving concepts is important until we reach to readiness and advancement to enter to the global field. Also it should be mentioned that we by relying on our culture and civilization- civilization should oppose and compete against capitalists and imperialists which are supporter of globalization, so we can be winner in the global competition field that international companies and cultural institutions are acting. Just nationalistic feelings toward globalization is harmful because many laws and social relations are in contrast with nationalistic and racist ideas and acts, so it causes many problems between countries and it may lead to war. Our task is to reach to self-consciousness in the negative and positive aspects of globalization process and be aware of realities, problems and shortages. “We should get rid of social alienation that has caused us so many disadvantages in centuries and start to support and reinforce our own cultural, economic, political and religion-related foundations to get rid of so many other problems.” 2 We hope to understand the truth of globalization and adjust it with reality so that mission which is the most basic task and foundation of human- be defined and determined. Must be thoughtful toward future, learning from past and recognition of present conditions will lead to a clear and brilliant future.


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