Space definition in Villa Savoye

Space plays such an important role in architecture. People have always been living between many spaces and their beings are related to the being of these spaces. Sometimes these spaces are human made or the imaginary spaces that comes from, the dream of them. Space is an unshaded existent which its figurative existence give an identity to it. When human begin to imagine the space will imagine a character which might be the character of space. It means character is at the same time a more general concept than space and it donates a general comprehensive atmosphere.

At last we can mention that Human have the power to understand space with its different meaning, only by what they feel about it but there are several categories which give meaning to space like: landscape, site,

As we know, Le Corbusier was careful to the combination between building and site, the horizontal windows emphasis the ground plane, while the rooftop gardens emphasis to the nature. Le Corbusier emphasized minimal impact to the site in his design in an effort to preserve the beauty. Le Corbusier pays attention to the inside and outside space. He carefully incorporates the terrace into the structure to flow into the inside space and vice versa. These kind of relationships brings a character to the building that sets it apart from any other. The space created by Le Corbusier in the Villa Savoye is trying to remind the feeling of modern architecture.

It is a free plan for furniture layout, facing North – West side of the site. A glass sliding door of entire wall height opens into the central open courtyard towards the south of living room. This orientation allows living room to have a possible relationship with other parts.

Light factors made Le Corbusier to consider a good space for bed room, so he located his master bed room on south-east side. In winter it is observed that the bed rooms also receives adequate day light for almost 5hrs/day, while in summer it is been observed that the room is prevented from penetration of sun almost throughout the day.

This orientation improve the feeling that the bedroom is not a separate space it’s a part of the whole site.

Villa Savoye is a house designed based on the architectural promenade. Its experience is in the movement through the spaces. He created an integrated reality of place, space, and form but there is no boundary among them. Le Corbusier creates visual rhythms of form and contrasting periods of movement in his work but like his patterns , human is central to conceptualizing and understanding space and space work just for human and try to connect the human being from building to what he want, I mean nature.


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