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Essential Words for Architects and Structural Engineers

ISBN: 978-964-377-731-9

Authors: Alireza Baghchesaraei & Omid Reza Baghchesaraei



This book (Essential Words for Architects and Structural Engineers) defines more than 1100 terms in architecture, building construction and structure in the English language.
The book contains three parts: Terms, Architectural Abbreviations and Bibliography.
Part terms contain more than 1100 entries alphabetically arranged, each with a clear definition, each entry contains the following components: a term, phonetics, word designation and appropriate definitions. It encompasses all aspects of architecture and building structures from Classical to modern and from traditional materials to the latest products.
Part Architectural Abbreviations presented a table with required abbreviations to accustom readers with the latest abbreviations in architecture.
Part bibliography includes the comprehensive list of books and journals, etc. Definitions in the book is from various sources, references have been arranged in strict alphabetical order to help the reader follow up sources in more detail.
It is hoped that all those parts make the book more suitable for architects, engineers and students who need a book to provide only essential words in architecture and building structures. If you have any comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Alireza Baghchesaraei & Omid Reza Baghchesaraei